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 Matching A Suit And Tie-_1184

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PostSubject: Matching A Suit And Tie-_1184   Sun Jul 31, 2011 11:45 pm

Matching A Suit And Tie?

It's not always easy getting a suit and tie to match. Sometimes however, you may not even wish to. It all comes down to personal choice and situation.You need to be extra cautious while choosing a tie for your business suit which you shall be wearing to your workplace. The tie then must accentuate the rest of the outfit. You may breathe easy with your selection if you happen to be participating in a social event, and not let your tie hog all the attention of the people around you. Once in a while, you may desire to be a little different and make your own impression. This could be either in a work atmosphere, precisely not the right thing to do, or a social event where you do not need to be tensed. On such occasions, your seemingly bold "South Park Rocks" tie will hog all the attention. The shirt must be considered as well when deciding upon which tie to wear. Again, the same thoughts must be accounted foris it to work or play.There are a myriad different ties. You can get plain ties, skinny ties, bow ties, cartoon ties, woolly ties, clip-on ties and novelty ties. Each available in various combinations of color, pattern, material and (in the case of novelty ties) an endless stream of different designs.If you want your tie to stand out, it would be advisable to wear a white shirt. You could waste hours worrying about the kinds of shirts which could spoil the right color shirt for the ties, when it is worn with men's suits. Instead of speculating, it would be safe to wear a spotless white shirt. To decide for yourself, firstly stand back and take a look at your shirt. If its not a plain solid color squint slightly to spot the general predominant shade. Use this to match your tie. Its always more favorable to match the tie to the shirt, not the suit. The shirt itself should be matched to the suit.While mixing patterns, let it not be very garish. If you are wearing a plain colored suit, you may decide upon a patterned shirt along with a patterned tie, but the patterns have to be different. The thumb rule here says that the tie and the suit should be complimenting each other.

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Matching A Suit And Tie-_1184
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