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 Wear is cool procrastinate around the museum rejected door is a museum couldn't keep up with fashion or tourists don't observe etiquette?

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PostSubject: Wear is cool procrastinate around the museum rejected door is a museum couldn't keep up with fashion or tourists don't observe etiquette?   Sat May 21, 2011 3:32 am

Wear is cool procrastinate around the museum rejected the door

Is the museum. Follow trends

Or tourists don't keep manners?

Doug bear: early this morning, took the children cheerful, visit the museum to guan kilns, security wouldn't let into the 555...

Mickey smile (deputy group of Lord) : in decorating a?

Doug bear: not. Security said I wear slippers, don't give in. They have provisions, those who wear vest, the bigfoot trousers, slippers are cannot enter.

Mickey smile: slippers? Ok, wear, home into the museum's too casually dressed in a bit.

Doug bear: can I wear is that fashion is cool procrastinate, stores sell guy expensive, this kind of shoes is still can't get into the museum ah.

Mickey smile: that you did with security emphasize?

Doug bear: security say, always heel shoes are tied without the calculate slippers.

Diu diu: that was a bit of a cause, full avenue are wearing the shoes. But also no wonder security, set the rules they would comply.

Shining shoes: canal museum also can't wear is cool procrastinate in, the last time I was shown the door. Alas......

Orange soda: hey. Once I entered the library by security guards stopped before, but also wore flip-flops, later I pen on the heel scratched two belt, smooth it over.

Doug bear: player.

Stay goose: this regulation is too die. Summer is cool procrastinate wear fashionable woman not too much, condole belt vest condole belt vest skirt also full avenue are spending were not able to enter formal venues?

Thousands of JunZhang: yeah. As long as scruffy neat went, to a few dead man lever rejected, too impersonal. Somebody else star still wear fashionable vest? Her blanket

Shining shoes: the museum, the exhibition hall, library, the provisions in before, also should keep up with fashion. List the norm, will smile dead, dead also.

Haha coke pie: I think wears is cool procrastinate window-shopping is your thing, but visiting culture kind of venues, should pay attention to.

W. ZhongQin dance: set wear slippers could not enter the museum is reasonable. Wear slippers walk is usually play stepped in tap, will affect the whole environment.

Shining shoes: but wear that nail have iron heel shoes sound is not more ring?
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Cocoa star: I attended etiquette training, the etiquette teacher said, no heel shoes and fish, are not mouth shoes't bear repeating.

Orange soda: manners should also keep pace with The Times now, two thousand years ago with can now etiquette as?

Diu diu: that can't say so, now some drama institute, see you wear slippers or something, not the conductor give you? Dress for is the basic courtesy.

Stay goose: next time to bring their own shoes at the door, go to the museum to another.

E home to verify

The objection to readers questions relevant principals, museum, they make clothing, explained the provisions of dresses, as a matter of public image, etiquette consideration. Since the museum to citizens free and opening-up, uncivilized phenomenon is more, hope through some provisions increase public awareness of character.

"In a museum in vest, slippers, very indecent fooling back and forth." A museum directors say they refers to the "household slippers" usually refers to heel without belt, walks crackling, looks very literally slippers. "One word procrastinates" in principle is not allowed to wear to enter.
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Wear is cool procrastinate around the museum rejected door is a museum couldn't keep up with fashion or tourists don't observe etiquette?
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